John Dvorak is a genius.

Quote from article(the article explains how podcasting is going to become really big news in the mainstream media very soon):

"Here's what is going to happen. At some point, and it would be fine with me if it was the Twit podcast (probably the most listened-to podcast as of now), one of these things is going to get a million listeners. Nielsen will notice and real numbers will evolve for the whole scene. Then big media will be asking, "How did this happen? How did this sneak up on us?"

An executive at Disney will be in a meeting and ask the staff how many people knew this was going on, and three geeks in the back will raise their hands. Then slowly two-thirds of the room will raise their hands. None of these people will have known that everyone already knew. It's about then that podcasting will suddenly become the rage. It'll be a Time magazine cover. That will be by the middle of next year. Then the money will start flying around like crazy."