How to have Old and New ventrilo client installed on your system:

Go to the directory where you installed ventrilo.
Rename the ventrilo folder to something different, such as 'Ventrilo old'
Go to control panel; add remove programs; uninstall ventrilo.
Go to the Ventrilo.com download page and install the new ventrilo client into a DIFFERENT directory than the one you renamed.
Now make a shortcut to the executable in the Ventrilo Old directory and a shortcut in the Ventrilo New directory and you can now use both the old and new client. You cannot, however, have both clients installed at the same time.

The address for the new ventrilo server for 'tGe' is doomfire.ventrilo.org with the port being 3810.

If you have problems call me at 540 2630557 or im me on AIM at tuzy2k.