As quoted from Digg.com, "One clever fella had the foresight to record a time-lapse movie of the Wikipedia page covering the recent London bombings as they unfolded that day. Viewing the .MOV, you see how quickly users make contributions, give the document a professional structure, and even how they seem to quarrel with the page's look."

In case some of you guys dont know, wikipedia is a very cool new site thats developed in the last few years. Its an online encyclopedia that is continually updated by its own users. Anyone with time and commitment can become one of these updaters if you want and your additions are rated by other users to ensure that your facts are straight. The cool thing is that wiki grows by thousands of articles daily and can contain information on the plagues in the 1200's to recent news events. Well, the video that Digg.com talks about above is VERY cool. Check it out here.