morning joel,

sry to wake you this morning, i fully expected to leave a messsage for you on your cell phone, but you woke up to answer it. eeeekkkkk!

anywho, the main purpose of my call was to say: one of my good friends has been on me for quite some time now to make a blog about my messy a$$ roommates and other random funny happenings... and i finally started said blog, and would be honored if you could create a link for me in your sites relatives and friends box?

i don't have many postings as of right now, but i'm hoping i'll be able to stick with it and make it an amusing distration/read.

http://grtwyte.diaryland.com [take note that there is no www]

also, since said site may have rantings i don't want my roomies to be aware of, PLEASE be wary of what you may say on my answering machine, or if i invite one of them to play paintball with us this summer! =p b/c as it stands only select friends [being you and your group] and family are aware of this.