greetings to all... and to all a great night of partying!

i have every intent of partying tonight. sooooo saturday will be my day of rest and letting my tummy mend from all the stuff i plan on imbibing tonight; muh hahahahaha. [kind of like the strongest man keg-toss contest... but my game plan is to drain the keg b4 tossing it... lol]

the moral of my story is that after sobering up saturday... i'm still working weekends at ITT, so i have to return to work sunday. booooooo. but i'm off the clock at 18:00 and i will then head directly to joels pad for the lan party and stay through wednesday. wednesday night i'll be packing up ~midnight b/c i have to return to work thursday. boooooooo!

so i look forward to seeing you all sunday night through wednesday night.


AND by the way rYan thanks for yet again NOT returning my phone call [the merry christmas one]... at least your a consistantly negligent phone call returner.

oh and steve, could you bring my paintball service kit? thanks!