eh hem... somebody has a short term memory. :cough cough: JOEL!!

when you get the opportunity could you email me klash's address so that i can make an appointment w/ him to get a hold of my spare parts kit. i need to service one of my guns.

also could you send me that lan game application?

thanks =p

and in closing i hope you all had fun w/ paintball. i also didn't get any bites this time around when i talked about the upcoming pb game. it appears that they're sheep and just go when i do. baaaahhh. [sheep joke - haha] however, i did miss being there... but i won't be on this daylight shift forever. i expect to be back to night-shift by january. then i'll have me weekends off again. arrrrrrrr! we all should go skiing sometime like january or februaryish. eh?