Whats up ladies and gents...first post on the blog :)

anyhow, whats the deal for Sat. How many peeps are expected. I am now bringing 3 (2 for sure, 1 tenative) with me so if we could find an extra gun i'd surely appreciate it, even if its a pump. I have the Co2 tank and will have that ready for Sat. So if we could round up the flow for it I would appreciate that immensely. No big huge hurry for it, I just dont want to forget...cause i know i will. All together it was $74 for the fill station, $76 for the Co2 tank, and I dont really know what the scale will be as I havent purchased it yet but i suspect around $20-$30. Which brings me to the grand total of $170-$180. Divvy that up and the damage is not so bad per person. Definitely worth the investment. anyway, enough blogging for me, brain is cramping....out.