talked to mike yesterday, and he will be unable to attend next saturdays paintball wargame. it's his b-day (9/25) and he's camping w/ his hunny, as well as his sister and her boyfriend. ewww!

who here wants to hear their siblings making out? NOT ME!! gaggggggggg.

mike will lemme know if the guys he knows can attend (up to three guys if i heard correctly) but since mikes not coming do you want me to put a hold on that? anywho, i'm sure their cool, but i'm more interested in using them as a team to play against so WE all can team up.

also, my friend rich said he'd love to watch... with one of my extra paintball masks and some blaze orange gear... so he'll be LESS likely to be shot. is that ok?... shit he may even play if we have an extra gun... but he more interested in seeing us in action. lol

whew!, blah blah blah, listen to me yak. lemme know whats up as you get more info.

i'm out. like the fat kid in dodge ball.

p.s. oh yeah aaron and ryan i played rez finally. funny game. lol. love the music. reminded me alot of tron 2.0 though... just a hell of a lot shorter. if you guys haven't played that single player game yet [tron 2.0 that is] i suggest it. pretty game, and fun to boot. boot.... get it hahahahaha