i hope your happy tuz,

watching you and the guys literally 'paint' your backyard the other day, made me make some impulse buys, because I want an e-marker!

i've got an avant e-99 en-route with the 20 oz tank, more balls than i can shake a stick at, -and the must have- one of those fancy halo hoppers. i think the hopper in combination with the three round burst and full auto options kicking is what sold me. well that and the cool death shot when you had a paint ball explode on mikes mask b/w his eyes.

i thought i'd never see one of those killing blows in real life, that it was just a hollywood kinda thing. but i was wrong, and i want my new toy!

for the record mike and steve did a great job but your full-auto paint spray was bound to hit somebody, too funny.