What is Fast App Switching?

Matt Neuburg over at TidBITS wrote a nice piece on the intricacies of Fast App Switching that does a wonderful job of explaining exactly what is expected by the user from iOS 4 on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 phones. I highly recommend anyone with an iPhone 3GS or new iPhone 4 to read this article as it will give you a much better understanding of how iOS 4 handles this.

An excerpt:

Those of you who have just used iTunes to install a shiny new iOS 4 on your iPhone or iPod touch, or who are about to obtain a shiny new iPhone 4, may find yourselves wondering about one of the touted features of this new system, fast app switching. What is fast app switching? What does it have to do with multitasking? Does it operate only through the new Home button double-press behavior? And why, for most apps, does nothing very remarkable or new seem to be happening?

This is why Apple's tablet is going to be a big deal...

Gruber wrote this. Then Marco wrote this. Then Siracusa wrote this. And finally (maybe), Marco has written another article which I think comes to some very nice conclusions that I agree with:

The Tablet is Apple’s chance at applying the lessons learned on the iPhone to a device big and versatile enough to be a low-needs user’s only computer, or to be the only computer that a power user brings while mobile (as Gruber suggested) instead of a laptop. It can be the computer that we buy our parents or grandparents without worrying that we’re signing ourselves up for years of painful tech support calls as they “lose” documents by saving them in the wrong folder, think they can’t save any more files because the desktop is full of icons, delete their browsers’ icons and tell us the internet is gone, keep five different antivirus products half-installed, and fill their RAM with programs they never Quit because they just close every window instead and don’t notice the tiny “running” dot in the Dock or know what it indicates.

I highly recommend you read the entire thing.

@oceankidbilly Skiing the Air Force Memorial (photo by @sopetaia)

So my friend Rob, is an avid snow skier...and we recently had about 18-20" of snow here in the DC area. So what does he decide to do? Ski down the hill that the Air Force Memorial is on in Arlington. Awesome.

His girlfriend, and my good friend, Sheri Opetaia-Williamson took the photo. Oh and, their antics were also mentioned over on Kottke.org.