Editor of Windows Magazine Switches To A Mac

Mike Elgan:

Then, about three weeks ago, something happened that altered my worldview a bit. My main PC, a Sony VAIO laptop, burned itself out. Literally. It overheated, despite a fan that sounded like a jet engine. It still works, but can’t connect to the Internet. Normally, I would have trouble-shooted the problem, fixed it or bought a new laptop. I also have older PCs around that I could use. But this time, my son was about to leave on a very long trip abroad and offered to let me use his 27-inch iMac. I was too busy to deal with the Sony, so I just used the Mac. I’ve found it so easy and enjoyable to use – beautiful screen, silent operation, incredibly elegant industrial design, etc., etc., — that I haven’t even bothered to troubleshoot the laptop. I don’t even want to look at it. I wanted to post this after I saw it, because I just ended a 40 minute phone conversation where I convinced my cousin to buy a Mac.