Eric Cantor Will Propose Federal Law That Ends Overtime Pay For Hourly Workers

Someone who goes by the username TeamSarah4Choice, at Daily Kos writes:

In Eric Cantor's February 2013 speech, he said he wanted to propose Federal Law that would end overtime pay for hourly workers. Currently, the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA), signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, mandates that certain workers get paid "time + 1/2" for overtime work. Eric Cantor wants to eliminate that law. Because -- ya know -- workers not getting paid for overtime hours worked out so good for workers before FDR enacted that Law. Eric Cantor is a real piece of work.

Rumsfeld's War Games

Digging up an old article that written by Joe Galloway courtesy of Olivier Knox:

The referees stopped the game, which is normal when a victory is won so early. Van Riper assumed that the Blue Force would draw new, better plans and the free play war games would resume. Instead he learned that the war game was now following a script drafted to ensure a Blue Force victory: He was ordered to turn on all his anti-aircraft radar so it could be destroyed and he was told his forces would not be allowed to shoot down any of the aircraft bringing Blue Force troops ashore. This topic comes up, due to to today's events. Some defiant, short-sighted conservative heckled Knox on Twitter over the reporting, claiming something along the lines that the Iranian navy didn't stand a chance at hurting the U.S. Navy ships. Knox replied, referencing this article, that this was an example of how it could be done. I wonder if the generals in the Pentagon, now that Donald Rumsfeld is gone, have bothered to plan for this eventuality?