SoundWorks Collection: The Sound of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Interviews with the talented sound team including Re-recording mixers Stuart Hilliker and Mike Dowson, Supervising Music Editor Gerard McCann, Supervising Sound Editor James Mather, and Sound Designer Dom Gibbs who discuss how they recorded and produced the sound effects for the final Harry Potter movie.

The Follow-up To John Siracusa's OS X Lion Review

If you enjoyed John Siracusa's epic OS X 10.7 Lion review, then you should be aware that he does a weekly podcasts on Dan Benjamin's 5by5 podcasting network called "Hypercritical". The most recent episode of Hypercritical, called "Nakedly Optimistic", serves as the first episode in what will probably be a couple episodes that covers his review in more depth (if that's even possible). John covers the details he wasn't able to get to, due to the uncertain deadline he was under depending on when Lion was released to the public. He covers a few mistakes he made, and provides a bit of follow-up to some of the comments he's seen regarding the review. I highly recommend you listen if this sort of thing excites you.

A Dramatic Reading Of The iTunes EULA By Richard Dreyfuss

Rafe Needleman for CNET:

This Friday's Reporters' Roundtable is on a topic that vexes us all: why are end user license agreements and terms of service so long and convoluted? To get ourselves in the mood for this show, we asked CNET fan (and Academy Award winner) Richard Dreyfuss if he'd help us out by doing a dramatic read of the Apple EULA. He said yes. So, without further ado, we present to you,Dramatic readings from the iTunes EULA by Richard Dreyfuss Go listen. Make sure you listen to "Effective Until".