Just wanted to plant another flag in the sand...

It is the morning after Trump gave his acceptance speech at the RNC last night. After it was over last night, and again, when I woke up this morning I gave it a lot of thought. Mostly to humor myself, but also so I can continue to say 'I told you so', I wanted to post this here & now so I can refer back to it in several weeks.

This is what I think is about to happen:

  1. The combination of this dumpster-fire of a Republican National Convention,
  2. and the craziness of Trump's primetime speech,
  3. and Hillary's VP pick coming up this weekend,
  4. and the Democratic National Convention next week...

By August 19, which would be 3 weeks after the DNC has concluded, Clinton will be dominating Trump in the polls. Last night was the beginning of the end for Trump. His speech will fire up the liberal base, bring Sanders supporters around to getting behind Clinton, and scare the shit out of Independents who will come home to Clinton's side. And so, by August 19th, Trump will be polling well behind Clinton and she is going to run away with this election.

Once more - Trump is going to be the best thing that ever happened to the Democratic Party. This has been something I've been saying all year.