Hypercritical T-Shirts 2.0

John Siracusa, at Hypercritical.co writes:

Let's try this again. Last month, inspired by Marco and bolstered by the drop-dead-simple Teespring web site, I put the first Hypercritical t-shirt up for sale. The response from fans was amazing, vastly exceeding my expectations. Unfortunately, that sale was aborted due to my unauthorized use of copyrighted artwork. All orders were refunded and no t-shirts were printed. Now the Hypercritical t-shirt is back, with a new design. At a glance, it may look exactly like the previous shirt, but this version features new artwork. (It's the same image that appears next to this site's title and as its favicon.) For any of you who were very disappointed that the first shirt was cancelled, well, it is now back. Go get one. Also, Marco has a more detailed explanation as to what happened with the first round of shirts. More copyright bullshit. As usual.