Comments Still Off

MG Siegler, writing on his blog ParisLemon:

Here’s the thing: while some try to paint comments as a form of democracy, that’s bullshit. 99.9% of comments are bile. I’ve heard the counter arguments about how you need to curate and manage your comments — okay, I’m doing that by not allowing any. MG's post is very short and therefore I do not want to quote the entire post here, verbatim, but the last paragraph is also important. He basically makes the same point that I've made here before. If you wish to comment on a post you see here, do so via Twitter, or your own blog, or your LiveJournal site…whatever, I don't care. The vast majority of people do not read blog comments anyway. By not allowing comments on my own site, the barrier to entry to do so usually eliminates most of the idiots typically found within the comment sections of most websites who have comments. As MG says: Commenting is a facade. It makes you think you have a voice. You don't. Get your own blog and write how you really feel on your own site. Earn your voice. Perfectly put. Also, I've linked to this several weeks back, but if this topic is new to you then I suggest you read Matt Gemmell's post as well.