Music on Glee is Horrible

My wife loves the show Glee. I dislike the show. I don't hate it. I just don't like it. This probably wont surprise anyone who knows me given that I hate soap operas, and lets be honest here, Glee is just a high school soap opera with music. Some of the characters are entertaining, such as the cheerleader coach, but I feel those are not sufficient redeeming qualities. But those reasons are not why I severely dislike the show. It's the music.

Many naive people do not realize that all of the music on the show is lip-synched. When I point this out to Steffanie, she retorts that she knows this and fires back that all of the music a viewer hears on the show is really sung by the actors/actresses in a recording studio, so they're really lip-synching to themselves which makes it okay.

Okay, fine...but they do an absolutely HORRIBLE job at lip-syncing for themselves. The next time you watch an episode, pay close attention to their mouthes. The actors are running all about the room, performing stunts yet their voices have the same perfect level of pitch and they never seem to tire, despite that they're leaping from desks or jumping from objects while they belt out long-high notes.

The worst might be when they pretend to be playing instruments. The drummer is the worst. It's unbelievably obvious that it's an electronic drum track, so don't have shots of him playing on a drum set and hitting cymbals when there is no cymbal in the actual track.

But again, that's not really what bothers me. Up until this point, I could excuse all of these things if the music was good.'s not. It's horrible.

Disney auto-tunes all of the music on Glee so much that it's laughable. Oh, you don't think that's a big deal? It is. I am a HORRIBLE singer but if you put me in a professional recording studio with someone who is an expert at auto-tuning software/editing, you can make me sound phenomenal. Take a few minutes and check out this PBS story. After you listen to that story, you'll be able to hear the auto-tuning in Glee songs from a mile away. And its not just Glee, its 50% or more of all music you hear on the radio these days. It allows mediocre to okay singers sound like Luciano Pavarotti. The sound of a large group of people singing together in absolutely perfect pitch is so unnatural it's almost creepy; it's like the audio equivalent of paint-by-numbers.

I guess it's okay for you to like the show for the writing, the teenybopper drama, or the fact that this show is trying something new & different that other shows haven't had the balls to do in a long time. But please keep in mind, the music is terrible.

You may all commence flaming me on Twitter now.