Blizzard of 2010, Alexandria VA

Duke Street next to the Motley Fool offices at 10:00 pm. The measurement I took at this location was 26" of snow.

Panoramic shot of the Carlyle Neighborhood in Alexandria

The video below was shot at around 12:30 pm as the last major band of snow was coming through. I apologize for the 'crackling' sound. I enclosed the Flip UltraHD in a ziplock bag to protect it from the moisture and cut a small hole in it for the lens. Also, the video is a bit shaky at times because I was concentrating on not falling on my ass because it was very slippery.

Steffanie shot these two videos while we were out, at about the same time as the video above:

Scarlet watching the snow in the window

And finally, one more of our walk through the neighborhood last night after the snow had stopped:

These are photos I took through the weekend, starting on Thursday night when Steffanie and I made the trek to Whole Foods up until the snow had ended and Steff and I took a walk through our neighborhood Saturday night. On our walk, I took several measurements in untouched areas of snow. The measurements varied from 18", to 22", to 26" in the spots I observed. It's hard to tell which one was the most accurate because of the close proximity of tall buildings and the high winds which have been causing bad drifting. Various locations around the DC Metro Area are reporting totals varying from 20" - 30".

And here are the pictures that Steffanie took: