Report: Threats To Obama Rose As Palin's Crowds Grew More Frenzied

During the campaign the frenzied crowds at Sarah Palin rallies did seem indicative of something frightening in the air, and it turns out that there was a reason to conclude this, Newsweek reports:

The Obama campaign was provided with reports from the Secret Service showing a sharp and disturbing increase in threats to Obama in September and early October, at the same time that many crowds at Palin rallies became more frenzied. Michelle Obama was shaken by the vituperative crowds and the hot rhetoric from the GOP candidates. "Why would they try to make people hate us?" Michelle asked a top campaign aide.

Newsweek also reports that Palin launched an attack on William Ayers before the campaign had finalized their plans. And it turns out Palin's expenditures on clothing were far greater than previously known, infuriating McCain aides.

Relatedly, it's worth noting that the American people really did show great judgment when it came to Palin. Recall that when she first spoke at the GOP convention, at a point when she was barely known, it did look as if she was going to be a compelling asset for McCain: Good looking, forceful, independent-seeming, energetic, etc., etc.

But little by little, the dimensions of the Palin fraud were revealed by the media, and more important, the public caught on. It wasn't just that her unfavorable ratings rose. The key was that the American people correctly concluded that the choice of Palin should raise grave doubts about McCain's judgment.

The media revealed the truth about Palin, and the voters got her right. It's just one other thing about this amazing election that restores one's faith in our political process.