McCain in Disarray, Iowa Edition

I think the McCain camp is in full-blown disarray. This reminds me a lot of the end-stages of another high-profile campagin earlier this year, with different "senior advisors" cracking wildly out of turn and deliberately seeking to undermine each other in the news media. Note that these remarks were made on the same day.

Rick Davis (10/20/08):

"We make decisions based on where we think we can play," Davis said, noting that polls he has seen place McCain closer to Obama. "The Iowa numbers look pretty good to me."

CNN (10/20/08):
CNN reports that top officials of Sen. John McCain's campaign are "making tough decisions" as they now see Colorado, New Mexico and Iowa no longer winnable.

Given how delusional Rick Davis appears to be, maybe it's not so surprising that he can't keep his troops in line. Then again, seeing as John McCain himself is so erratic, why should his campaign be any different?