Sometime between August 5th-25th Barack Obama is going to select Evan Bayh to be his running mate

It's late - I'm about to head to bed. I just wanted to put this out there before I do. I am beginning to see mounting evidence that Barack Obama is going to select Indiana Senator Evan Bayh to be his running mate. I think the Obama campaign made the decision last week, or the week before. I also think there is a strong possibility that he could make the announcement tomorrow, August 5th. Why?

  1. The Olympics start on Friday and run until the Democratic convention starts. He won't want to compete with the Olympics for press coverage. He'll announce before the Olympics starts. If he announces on Wednesday morning, he'll get coverage all day and be on the news cycle until the Opening Ceremonies knock him off the top spot.

  2. Barack Obama is coming to the state on Tuesday afternoon for a campaign stop in Elkhart, Indiana. He'll be attending with Evan Bayh. The press has been told to plan on staying until Wednesday afternoon/evening. Why would he spend so much time in Indiana with nothing on his public calendar?

  3. Staying around Indiana allows Obama and Bayh to travel to Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio - all important states in this election. When you've just announced your VP, those are states you'll want to visit - especially since Bayh's reputation will help the most in those states.

  4. The website is taken. For a tiny sliver of time late last week, you could type in the URL and you'd be forwarded to another site. Where do you think it took you? The Democratic Party website.

Also - there is this trivial bit of info:

Bayh Partisans cancel softball game

Sen. Evan Bayh’s staff softball team, The Bayh Partisans, has cancelled the game it had scheduled for tomorrow evening with the drug policy team The One Hitters. Bayh staffer Jonathan Stahler sent One Hitter team captain Kris Krane an e-mail Monday morning citing “[t]oo many people out of town” as the reason for the cancellation.

Rational minds may note that it is early August, a time when congressional staffers often head of town. Other minds, however, might ponder the fact that Bayh, a top veep prospect, is scheduled to introduce Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) at a rally in Bayh’s home state of Indiana Wednesday.

Krane, executive director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, asked Stahler if the cancellation had anything to do with “an important announcement of national significance on Wednesday? ;-)”

He got no response, so The Crypt called Bayh’s office. “Our softball team is a juggernaut, so I can’t see why we cancelled a game,” said spokesman Eric Kleiman, who added that the Bayh Partisans are “the toast of the league.”

Kleiman, however, dismissed the suggestion that the cancellation had anything to do with any upcoming announcements. “Oh, my goodness, no,” he said.