Why I Left Print Media for Digital

Jennifer Woodard Maderazo wrote a piece for Mediashift about the oft discussed topic of the print to digital shift that many have opined about for years. She solicited comments prior to this piece via Twitter and graciously included her questions & my answers as a section of her article.

You Shift, I Shift, Others Don’t

Blogger and web designer Joel Housman told me that — like my experience with PopPhoto — the outdated information is what got him to switch from print to digital. An avid magazine subscriber, Housman dumped Wired, Mac Addict, Maximum PC, Macworld and other print titles for their online equivalents and never looked back. Housman put it this way: “I found that ALL of their content can be had online for months before the print edition gets to me. Why waste the paper? Why read two-month-old news? I stay way more on top of things by scanning the 250+ RSS feeds I watch during the day.”

He says that there are no cons to the switch.

Hey look mom. Thats me! Read the entire article here.