PDF: Five Smashing Wisdom Treasures

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In our recent posts we’ve promised to publish the .pdf-versions of the articles you’ve considered useful and important. We’ve received many e-mails in which you supported us and asked us for print-friendly versions of five of our articles. Thanks for all the tremendous support we apparently have. It’s important to know that what we do is useful. But it is also important to state, how important you are for us.

So now it’s time to keep the promise we’ve given. Below you’ll find the .pdf-versions of five of our recent articles.

The .pdf-files of our previous posts included some mistakes - for instance, you couldn’t click on the links provided in the article. Besides, the .pdf was presented in the landscape format instead of portrait format. Both issues are fixed in these version. If you find any inconsistencies, please let us know.

You can download five wisdom treasures - print-friendly-versions of our recent articles from the following URLs:

  • What Do We Really Know About Google PageRank (1 Mb)
    How does Google PageRank work, which factors do have an impact on it and which don’t? And what do we really know about PageRank? In this article we put the facts straight.

  • Copyright Explained: I May Copy It, Right? (0.5 Mb)

    Copyright in Web is often considered as the grey area; as such it’s often misunderstood and violated - mostly simply because bloggers don’t know, what laws they have to abide and what issues they have to consider. We’ve collected the most important facts, articles and resources related to copyright issues, law and blogging. We’ve also put together most useful tools and references you can use dealing with plagiarism.

  • 200+ Hotkeys To Boost Your Productivity (0.9 Mb)

    This post covers the most useful keyboard shortcuts for essential software applications users and web-developers can/should use on a daily basis - OS, Browsers, Music Players, Communication Tools, File Management and Coding. You will also find references to related resources - there you’ll find more specific shortcuts for your needs.

  • Outstanding Startpages (3.4 Mb)
    Between standards and creativity there is a lot of room for design experiments. We observe these experiments. We explore new approaches. And we collect them, so you don’t have to. Unusual, remarkable and outstanding start pages - in a brief overview.

  • Golden Rules Of Linkbaiting (0.8 Mb)
    Linkbaiting is about gaining reputation, finding your niche, writing useful and creative content. Let’s take a look at non-trivial and most effective rules, principles, techniques, strategies, methods, examples and resources related to link building.

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