Digg Revolt Currently In Progress

There is currently a Digg uprising in progress by the whole Digg community. It all started because on April 30th, 2007, the hex master code to unlock the encryption on all HD DVDs was found at the Doom9 forum and leaked on the web. The thread in question has been linked to by various blogs all over the net. Since the AACS groups cannot or will have a hard time suing Doom9 since its based in Sweden, they are electing to send DMCA takedown notices to various sites that link to the Doom9 thread, or post the key. Google has received a takedown to remove ALL links within its search engine(DMCA safe harbor provision should render this void) and Corey Doctrow, of BoingBoing and EFF fame, has received one for his class's website.

was one of the sites that received a takedown notice which resulted from a story being posted to digg containing the key. The story in question received 16,000 diggs in less than 20 hours, the fastest growing digg story ever, and would have probably been the most dugg ever if the Digg admins hadn't taken the story down. This set off a firestorm of posts that is currently getting hotter and larger across the net with people spreading this hex number across their blogs, Jaiku posts, Twitter posts, Facebook groups....well you get the point. Social networking is essentially the anti-christ of censorship. On another note, HOW THE FUCK can the AACS group claim copyright or intellectual property rights on 10 number hex code? I mean, wtf???!?!?!?!!!!1111one

UPDATE: New stories are appearing on digg every minute and are, within 20min to an 1 hour, receiving thousands of diggs by the angry community. People are posting NOTHING but stories containing this hex code in an act of civil disobedience.