Real animals infringe on Bambi

Cory Doctorow:

German photographer Tanja Askani has found and photographed a bunny and deer who are best friends and like to nuzzle each other. No word yet on whether Disney will be suing the dumb beasts of the woods for copyright infringement. Still, it's clear that unless this kind of unauthorized work can be stamped out, hard-working cartoons like Bambi will be demoralized and cease to produce the films we know and love, such as Bambi, Bambi II: A Twist in Time, Bambi III: Bambi and the Ring of Belief, Bambi IV: Milo's Return, Bambi IV: Bambi Rides Again and Bambi: The Widescreen Commemorative Edition.


(via The Disney Blog)

Update: Of the photographer, Xeni sez, "man, her work is incredible."

(Via Boing Boing.)