Jon Stewart on Network Neutrality

Courtesty of Techdirt:

"Okay, this one is just a fun one that ties together nicely some of the topics we've been discussing lately. Jon Stewart, whose Daily Show just upset some folks in Congress for highlighting the absurdity of their views on video games, has decided to take on a couple of stories we've been focused on: network neutrality and online gambling. In fact, he specifically focuses on Ted Stevens' amusing explanation of how the internet works, and wondering why someone who clearly doesn't understand the internet gets to regulate it. He then explains why betting on horses and the lottery is okay, even though online gambling is not. The two are related, you see: the horses and the lottery are needed to keep those internet tubes clear (the explanation begins around minute four). It involves a nice diagram, courtesy of Ted Stevens' brain. Stewart, on the "delay" Stevens faced in the delivery of the "internet" his staff sent him: "Maybe it's because, you don't seem to know jack s*** about computers or the internet. But, hey, that's okay, you're just the guy in charge of regulating it."