Aggro Radius

Courtesy of Ryan:

"A Bike Cop pulled me over and did the typical, "Do you know why I pulled you over?"

"Yeah," I replied, "your aggro radius was too big."

He looked at me for a second as we both took in what I just said. I'm thinking "OMG! Pnwd, for sure!"

Finally the Cop said, "You should have stealthed" and I saw the tiniest smile. Thank Orion the Cop is my age!

"Can't stealth," I said, "Hunter. Should have Feigned." Uh oh, Cop is a Rogue. They hate Hunters.

"You know how much gold this is going to cost?" the Cop asked. Ahh $!@%, he's a Rogue alright.

"Can't I just take a decrease in faction? I can always grind for more." I replied. Whoops, community service, I thought. I just practically asked for a ticket.

But the Cop finally burst out laughing.

"Get out of here," he said, waving me on my way. "I've got noobs to pwn.""