FRE#%ING BLOGGER!!!!11!! site,

i just spent the last 20 mins writing an envolved post regarding your last entry and man i hate it when this happens; you hit post or preview and it freakin' hangs LOSING your progess along the way. if my post made it great, but most likely it didn't so i'll give you the highlights.

my roomies main (horde) character server is stormreaver, my alt is on that server. my main (alliance) character and his alt are on spirestone.

i could roll a charter on your server but my plates already full. i'd be better off just catching you on ventrillo or something.

however my main point is, i don't play a-mind-numming-alot so my primary alliance character is a slow advancing one... if you or your gang wanted to make an alliance alt, pick our server. also, bear in mind our skill sets are enchanting, mining, tailoring, and blacksmithing... so if you want to do somthing different, we can supply those needs for you.

i'm closing my eyes when i post this time, b/c if it hangs again i'd have to chuck my work computer out the door. argghhh!!!!