Aaron Ryan and the rest quit SWG back in the fall. Im selling the account because I realized Jedi were selling good on ebay and the game is boring. I'm playing Final Fantasy XI with aaron, ryan and the rest now (they've been playing it for a few months). I think it will sell for over 1000$ in the end because I've seen a lot of them go from between 1000$ and 3000$ in the past few weeks. The reason I said "Im selling my time it took to aquire this and not the game" is because Sony has a policy saying that in their license agreement you aren't allowed to sell the account. Well this is bullshit and Sony started suing people for doing it. Well someone came up with the idea about a year ago to say their selling their 'time' and not the account. Sony took them to court over it and lost. SOOOO everyone now says they sell their 'time' and not their account and Sony cant do jack shit about it. No its not fraud, its legal :)