wow that's pretty wild. but i thought you, aaron, and the rYan were all into that game? [well, i think aaron dropped it just recently] i'm curious are you buying out while the gettings good? or have you already found your next 'project' because GOD knows how much time it took you to get your character to that point. matter of fact just the other day when we were talking...you said you were doing some hosting, since their servers were down.

go J man.

what do you think it'll go for in the end ~800? ;). thats pretty cool and good luck, i hope you rake in the cash.

also, why did you have to state you can't buy this if your sony etc. (would that constitute some kind of fraud?... i got the whole i'm not selling the game thing... just my time).

anywho, good luck with the studies, say hey to mike and marie.